Nov, 2021

Progest Technology, as part of the five-stage Precision Nutrition strategy has been developed by the Connolly’s RED MILLS technical team.

Progest Technology is a unique approach to performance nutrition, which allows each feed to provide a consistent level of nutrition to the horse.

  • Developed by RED MILLS technical team
  • Combines the RED MILLS Pro Balance Vitamin and Mineral Package with select ingredients
  • Manufactured using a unique combination of processes including steam cooking, double pelleting, and extrusion, to maximise nutrient absorption during the digestion process


  • Our raw ingredients are specifically selected to create a feed for the high performance horse
  • Natural high-grade wholegrain carbohydrates and proteins are at the heart of each formulation
  • Carbohydrates are the major energy, often described as ‘fast release’ or ‘slow release’ energy sources
  • Protein for Performance: Oats, barley, maize and wheat are also natural sources of protein and when supplemented with soya provide a range of amino acids targeted for performance and rapid recovery
  • Protein has many roles in the body with requirements relating to both age and workload


  • Each RED MILLS feed contains a unique balance of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes
  • Each mineral is carefully balanced to ensure uptake and activity within the body
  • This scientifically formulated and uniquely balanced package of vitamins and minerals is known as the RED MILLS Pro Balance Vitamin & Mineral package
  • The RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin & mineral package is consistent in all RED MILLS products


  • Consistent nutrition is the key to performance and development at all stages of training and throughout the breeding process
  • The consistent RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin & mineral package enables customised feeding programmes
  • This allows feeds to be combined if desired, creating a flexible feeding system that allows each horse to be fed as an individual
  • Diets can be chosen or mixed together depending on the level of protein and type of carbohydrate needed without any concern of unbalancing the ration

Advanced Cooking Technology

  • To ensure maximum nutritional benefit all Connolly’s RED MILLS feeds are carefully cooked to achieve maximum digestibility
  • Connolly’s RED MILLS have developed some of the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes in the world, including steam cooking, double pelleting, extrusion and micronisation
  • The combination of these four inhouse feed and food processes ensure RED MILLS feeds are carefully cooked to achieve maximum digestibility and that all nutrients are made readily available to the horse during digestion.
  • Advanced cooking technology improves digestive efficiency and improves nutrient uptake within the small intestine
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