Join us as we dive into the freshly announced British Olympic show jumping team, featuring the same star-studded lineup that impressed at Herning 2022.

In this episode, our hosts unpack the selection of Ben Maher with Point Break, Harry Charles with Romeo 88, Joe Stockdale with Equine America Cacharel, and Scott Brash with Hello Jefferson. Discover the strategic choices, the preparation leading up to Paris, and the potential for these riders to make history.

🏇 Team Analysis: Explore the dynamics of the British team, including their top performances and the horses’ readiness for the Olympics.

🎖️ Individual Prospects: Discuss Ben Maher’s chances of defending his Olympic title with Point Break and the unique preparation strategies of Harry Charles and Joe Stockdale.

 📊 Expert Insights: Get in-depth analysis of the team’s form, ratings, and the potential impact of their previous performances on their Olympic journey.