Connolly's RED MILLS has always been committed to innovation. We continue to work towards solidifying and growing our global footprint as a pioneer in premium equine feed production

Placing the horse at the centre of everything we do, along with our long-standing reputation within the farming community, the Connolly family has embraced immense growth over our generations within the equine feed industry. Our humble origins trace back to our mill in County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland and have since grown into a revolutionary global name recognised in Ireland, the Middle East and beyond. We uphold our commitment to continue innovating without compromising on quality, with knowledge-sharing with our customers and listening to their needs continuing to set us apart.


Expanding onto the world stage and into the Middle Eastern region

What started at a local mill in South-East Ireland has grown into an international brand available in over 80 countries around the world

Connolly's RED MILLS is a respected name in the production of high-performance animal feed solutions

With our roots in County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland, the RED MILLS brand shares a passion for equine nutrition and well-being. This is represented by our widespread range of premium products that undergo stringent testing in our on-site laboratories to guarantee that a consistent level of quality is delivered to your global destination.

The dedication to innovation seen by the 5 generations of Connollys has carried the brand through decades of socio-economic and natural challenges, ensuring we remain a self-sustaining brand. Our famous mill bought by Michael Connolly in 1908 is where we’ve grown our own premium raw materials for production and supply up until today.

Connolly’s RED MILLS is now available in over 80 countries as a leading supplier to global trainers and horse owners who trust in our brand.

Our pioneering production and manufacturing processes guarantee the most high-quality production and feed supply, ensuring trust and loyalty from our valued customers

Connolly’s RED MILLS has nurtured our relationships with our grain growers, ensuring we are able to continue sowing the seeds that result in the most optimal quality raw materials and grains that are tailored to the unique needs of horse breeds in Europe, the Middle East and beyond.


The RED MILLS brand understands the importance of trust and traceability as an essential component from our fields to your international stables

Trust and traceability are actioned across all key processes, from raw ingredient selection to storage, manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution. This guarantees that the highest degree of industry-best traceability is exercised and delivered to our customers in the Middle East and beyond.

We are committed to supplying the most advanced performance and nutritional feeds

Connolly’s RED MILLS applies our manufacturing expertise and advanced technology to our premium grain-drying, advanced cooking and quality control processes. This is how we ensure our reputable precision nutrition promise is guaranteed across all our feeds.

The expansion of our trusted and widespread distribution network has solidified our position in the equine feed industry, ensuring our renowned products are accessible to you on a global scale.


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