The Emergence of the RED MILLS Brand

Driven by the success of Irish horsemen and horsewomen, jockeys and trainers, Liam Connolly and his eldest sons Bill and Joe exported their first load of equine feed to the United Kingdom in the month of May, 1985. Followed by the great success the RED MILLS brand experienced, the expansion into continental Europe occurred in 1993.

Connolly’s RED MILLS upholds our commitment to quality, consistency, efficiency and exceptional service while innovating and diversifying our equine nutrition and well-being solutions. This culture is what led to our expansion within the American market in 1998, Far East Asia in 2004 and the Middle East in 2007. Along with our sister brands Carr & Day & Martin and Foran Equine, Connolly’s RED MILLS is distributed to stables spanning numerous global destinations ranging from Dubai and Korea to Beijing and Cape Town. We have branch companies in Dubai, Japan and the USA, with sales offices located in India, China, France and Korea. We continue to provide our customers with our high-quality equine feeds through dedicated local distributors within the GCC region and beyond. Today, the RED MILLS Group provides its products and services to more than 80 countries across the globe.


Wherever you go, we go

Connolly’s RED MILLS is a trusted international brand dedicated to providing performance nutrition equine feeds to our global customers

Our global market distribution is valued by our customers, with top-quality RED MILLS feeds being accessible in all parts of the world. With the promise of #WhereverYouGoWeGo, our established relationships with international authorities and trade partners are maintained as we uphold our standard protocols and promise of quality assurance across all our feeds.

Our sales representatives and local distributors located in the Middle East and beyond ensure the consistent supply of our premium equine products. This way, we continue to expand as a recognised brand while providing our customers with our leading horse feeds and services. Connolly’s RED MILLS works hand-in-hand with our logistics partners who maintain the same dedication and control measures to ensure the delivery of our trusted equine products to our valued customers.


Red Mills Feeds Available In Over 80 Countries.

Global Availability

Connolly's RED MILLS is available in over 80 countries worldwide. Whether you are in the Middle East, Ireland and the greater European area, the UK, or Asia, our equine feeds are made available to you and your horse through our dedicated local distributors. logo logo

We are committed to maintaining our established relationships with industry partners and trade authorities across the globe

Our established relationships with our trade partners, local and international authorities ensure control checks and the best manufacturing processes are upheld. Department of Agriculture checks are performed and welcomed at any time of day, including farm inspections, manufacturing audits, seed agronomics analysis, logistics checks and more. This is how we continue to meet our promise of providing the most trusted and quality feed from our mill to your international stables.

Connolly’s RED MILLS products are delivered all over the world from our manufacturing facility in Ireland, Europe

Connolly’s RED MILLS feeds are exclusively manufactured at our mill in Ireland. This is how we are able to ensure scalability and continue our global supply while meeting strict quality and safety standards. Our expert feeds are sealed in our unique NFMS packaging to ensure maintained levels of freshness from the day it is packaged at our factory in Goresbridge.

The independent quality control processes we employ at our factory is executed from when our high-quality ingredients arrive to the moment our products are packaged and distributed. We are a European company that remains self-sufficient, with our products meeting the highest quality standards. With all of this in mind, we can guarantee a consistent supply despite environmental or economic changes, with our international offices, branches and distribution partners able to provide our customers with tailored support and advice.

You can trust in the quality and consistency of our equine products as we work with our customers, various markets, trade authorities and logistics partners to maintain our promise of fresh and nutritious feed throughout Ireland and Europe, the Middle East and beyond while ensuring the traceability of all our natural ingredients to our local soils.


Ensuring our equine feeds are globally accessible through our Nutrient Fresh Management System™ (NFMS) packaging

Launched in 2008, our exclusive and advanced packaging technology ensures your horse feed stays as fresh and nutritious as the day it was made. As a testament to our commitment to research and innovation, our Nutrient Fresh Management System™ (NFMS) packaging was designed by the RED MILLS team to guarantee the promise of freshness as our products make their way from our farms to your stables in the GCC region and beyond.

As an industry-first, NFMS makes use of 7 tiers of natural preservation and low-oxygen barrier packaging, ensuring a fresher and longer product lifespan which makes it ideal for storing greater quantities in high-humidity areas. The ingredients that make up our precision nutrition formula contained inside each bag of Connolly’s RED MILLS copies Mother Nature, sealing in the quality and freshness of our feeds.

This exciting new innovation ensures our customers do not have to be concerned about product freshness, with NFMS ensuring a product shelf life of up to 12 months. This also allows our customers to order bulk quantities which in turn reduce our freight costs, allowing for increased savings on product costs while enjoying the same level of premium-quality equine feeds.

Partnering with key authorities while employing industry-standard testing methods and NOPS prevention

We exact strict quality assurance processes within our laboratory facilities at our site. An intricate analysis of all natural ingredients and finished products is exercised throughout the quality control process to ensure they are safe when arriving at your international stables. All raw ingredients and finished feeds are tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) using the same advanced technology utilised at the Olympics when testing athletes. This is how we guarantee our products are safe for consumption while meeting strict nutritional standards and ensuring NOPS-safe feed.

We are committed to testing to deliver the most premium nutritional quality. This process begins with exacting seed specifications while testing through all stages to make sure global regulatory standards are met as our trusted and high-quality products are distributed worldwide. We nurture our partnerships with the Department of Agriculture along with international trade authorities to guarantee the promise of standards being maintained while carefully distributing our horse feeds around the world. Our 24-hour open-door policy welcomes local and international regulatory authority checks at our plant.


Working together with distributors, trade partners and authorities to ensure consistent supply while meeting international standards

Visits from local and international authorities are welcomed to guarantee that all Department of Agriculture protocols are met, guaranteeing consistent standards from the analysis of raw materials to the distribution of our feeds.

We work together with our customers, logistics partners, regulatory authorities and markets to ensure the delivery of only the finest quality feeds, meeting our promise of nutritious equine products time and again.

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