RED MILLS Horse Care 10 Pellets

Low starch horse feed.

| conditioning pellet for horses

| HIgh fiber horse feed

| horse pellets

| slow release energy horse feed

| oat free horse feed

| low sugar horse feed

| feed for horses with ulcers

| horse feed for laminitic horses

A low starch, high fiber, oat-free pellet, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package.

  • icon Low Starch
  • icon Oat-Free
  • icon High Oil
  • icon High Fiber
  • icon Low Protein
Ideal For
  • Horses requiring a low starch or specialized feeding program without oats
  • Horses requiring controlled energy release
  • Horses in light to hard work
  • Horses that travel and compete on a regular basis
  • Horses that are easily stressed or temperamental
  • Horses requiring additional body condition
  • Horses working in challenging climates
  • Supporting gastro-intestinal function
  • Supporting muscle function
Specially formulated to support
  • Energy levels in a low starch, oat free format
  • Controlled energy release for sustained performance and stamina
  • Muscle function and post-exercise recovery
  • Gastric and hindgut function
  • Fibre digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Condition and topline
  • Bone strength and integrity
  • Balanced temperament
  • Immune function
  • Hoof condition and quality
RED MILLS Formulation Features
  • Low starch oat-free formulation
  • Steamed cooked and double pelleted for improved digestibility and nutrient availability
  • High in easily digestible fibers and oil
  • Source of quality protein and essential amino acids
  • RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package, rich in iron and copper
  • RED MILLS Care package
  • Contains yeast and prebiotics, MOS and FOS
  • Contains a natural long-lasting gastric acid buffer
  • Added biotin and associated nutrients, including zinc and copper
  • Added antioxidants including vitamin E, C and selenium
  • Added bone support package, including Vitamin K
  • Contains electrolytes

Feeding Guides


Choose your horse’s workload and then either select your feeding rate using the per 100 kg bodyweight column, or, if you do not know your horse’s exact bodyweight, use the closest column to your horse in by horse weight column.


by Horse Weight

Horse Activity Feeding Guidelines (lb/100lb BW)
Maintenance / Light Work 0.25 - 0.5
Light Work / Medium Work 0.5 - 0.75
Medium Work / Hard Work 0.75 - 1.0
Hard Work 1.0 - 1.5


Ground Soybean Hulls,Dried Plain Beet Pulp,Ground Barley,Wheat Shorts,Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal,Cane Molasses,Ground Corn,Ground Extruded Whole Soybeans,Soybean Oil,Dehulled Sunflower Meal,Mono-Dicalcium Phosphate,Salt,Magnesium Oxide,Calcium Carbonate,Yeast Primary Dried,Dried Chicory Root,Ferrous Sulfate,Active Dry Yeast,Biotin

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein, minimum
  • Crude Fat, minimum
  • Crude Fiber, maximum
  • Calcium, minimum
  • Calcium, maximum
  • Phosphorus, minimum
  • Copper, minimum
    40 ppm
  • Selenium, minimum
    0.30 ppm
  • Zinc, minimum
    120 ppm


  • Vitamin A, minimum
    6000 IU/lb

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