Our Story

Our commitment to innovation over our many years of high-quality equine feed production has placed Connolly’s RED MILLS at the forefront of the industry and allowed us to expand our roots globally.

With the horse at the centre of the business and a long-standing history within the farming community, the Connolly family has witnessed significant growth over our many generations of equine feed production. What began as a humble mill in the heart of County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland later grew to become an industry-leading global brand through our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and the sharing of our equine expertise with our customers while listening to their needs.


Growing from a local mill in South-East Ireland to a global brand available in over 80 countries worldwide

Connolly's RED MILLS is renowned for its high-performance animal feed solutions

Our origins in the farming region of County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland, where our mill has operated since 1908 has made it possible for us to deliver product excellence throughout our years of business growth.

The Connolly’s RED MILLS brand has become a pioneer in the industry with a shared passion for the care of the horses that are owned by our valued customers. Placing the horse at the centre of everything we do, our dedication to equine well-being and health is represented by our extensive range of high-quality products which undergo rigorous testing at our on-site laboratories, ensuring the same level of quality is delivered from our farm to your winning post.

Being able to carry our brand throughout decades of natural and socio-economic challenges is attributed to the innovation of the five generations of Connollys who have ensured we remain a self-sustaining brand. We maintain our competitive edge in the agricultural, and pet and animal feed industry since Michael Connolly’s purchase of the famous mill in Goresbridge, County Kilkenny, from where we continue to grow our own quality raw materials for production and supply today. Our local roots have grown to become an international footprint across more than 80 countries worldwide as a leading supplier to trusting global trainers and owners.

Our industry-leading production and manufacturing processes ensure optimal production and feed supply, and has attracted a legacy of trust and loyalty among our customers

Our relationships with trusted grain growers allow us to sow the seeds required for producing the finest quality raw materials and grains, all of which are tailored to the needs of the modern-day horse.


At Connolly's RED MILLS, we understand that the highest level of trust and traceability is essential from our fields to your stables

This is further exercised within all intricate processes—including raw ingredient selection, storage, manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution—to ensure that the highest degree of industry-best traceability and quality is effected and delivered to our customers.

Our commitment to supplying the most advanced nutritional and performance feed solutions is evident at every key stage

We apply our advanced technology and manufacturing expertise to our optimal grain-drying, advanced cooking, and quality control processes to deliver our renowned precision nutrition promise across all feeds.

We have solidified our position within the equine industry through the expansion of our trusted and large-scale distribution network that ensures our reputable products are made accessible to you on an international scale.



Connolly's RED MILLS has further extended our expertise over the years with our sister brands, Foran Equine Supplements and Carr & Day & Martin horse care

The RED MILLS group sets itself apart from within the industry by offering our high-quality horse feed along with supplement and care solutions, all under one powerhouse. Our customers greatly value our multi-discipline nutritional experts who offer their advice on supplements, with their extensive knowledge of nutrition stemming from the choice of feed, ultimately maximising the performance and well-being of the horse. This is further enhanced by complementing feed solutions with the best care products from our Carr & Day & Martin offerings.

The evolution of Connolly's RED MILLS

A story of growth through time

Connolly’s RED MILLS has continued to innovate and grow over the years. Get to know the timeline of our business milestones.

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Five generations of Connollys have penned the story of Connolly's RED MILLS

For over a century, Connolly's RED MILLS has grown to become the renowned brand that is today due to the unmatched quality of our equine products and solutions.

Today, the Connolly family manages the day-to-day operations of the company, showing the same level of dedication and personal involvement that was present when their ancestors bought the mill back in 1908.

Where It All Began

1963 saw legendary horse trainer Paddy Mullins seek advice from Liam Connolly about a horse that refused to eat ... and the rest is history.

Paddy Mullins got talking to Liam Connolly about a horse that refused to eat. Despite not producing horse feed at the time, Liam decided to take on the challenge and created a formula made up of all the horse’s nutritional requirements, cooking it to make it more appealing and digestible for the horse.

All of this occurred during a time where the key focus at the mill was on human food and porridge production. At the time, the business had slowed down due to supermarkets and convenience cereals flooding the market. This led to increased capacity at the mill that enabled being able to take on this unique challenge. Steam cooking the horse feed stemmed from Liam Connolly’s experience with human food preparation.

The horse that consumed the cooked formula made by Liam Connolly was named Vulpine, who proceeded to win the 1966 Powers Gold Cup and the 1967 Irish Grand National thereafter. Paddy Mullins attributed the horse’s success to the Connollys’ winning formula.

So began a new division of the Connolly family business, which has now grown to feed over 100 Group and Grade 1 winners around the world.

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