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As trusted global experts in horse feed manufacturing, we utilise the most advanced cooking and nutritional excellence solutions

For over 100 years, Connolly’s RED MILLS has been marrying science, passion and experience to manufacture quality horse feed made from fresh natural ingredients sourced from our farms for performance horses worldwide. Throughout the generations, our ambition and ethos is to provide the most advanced equine nutrition on a global scale.

We focus on rigorous best practices for testing methods and innovation at our state-of-the-art Research and Development centre. This is also evident in our dedication to perfecting the innovation and traceability of our precision nutrition techniques by utilising the latest technologies at our manufacturing facility every day. We aim to continue striving for excellence in equine nutrition for centuries to come.

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Our Market

Connolly’s RED MILLS is widely available across 80 countries, with the promise of the same precision nutrition wherever you are in the world. Our international customers who travel across the globe have highlighted this consistency in quality as one of the main reasons why they love our brand. Our promise is #WhereverYouGoWeGo. Check online or with your local stockists to source our reputable horse feed solutions.

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Red Mills feeds available in over
80 Countries

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Our Customers

Get to know our customers competing at the highest level around the world—including horse racing, showjumping, eventing, showing and all equine disciplines—that feed Connolly’s RED MILLS.

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Connolly's RED MILLS Ambassadors

Learn more about the riders who believe in using only the best products for their horses and choose to feed Connolly’s RED MILLS.

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