Global Availability

Where It All Began

Following in the footsteps of the ever-successful Irish horsemen and horsewomen, trainers and jockeys, Liam Connolly, ably assisted by his eldest sons Joe and Bill, shipped the first export load of horse feed to the United Kingdom in May of 1985. Buoyed by their success, the family took the emerging RED MILLS brand to continental Europe in 1993.

The culture of hard work, quality, consistency and service underpinned by innovation, diversification and efficiency saw the company expand to America in 1998, Far East Asia in 2004, and the Middle East in 2007. Today, Connolly’s RED MILLS and its sister brands Foran Equine Healthcare and Carr & Day & Martin are supplied to leading stables from Berlin and Beijing to California, Cape Town and beyond. With branch companies in the USA, Dubai and Japan, and sales offices in China, Korea, India and France, the RED MILLS Group is proud to be able to provide its products and technical support services to over 80 countries worldwide.


Wherever You Go, We Go

As one of the most trusted global names in high-performance equine nutrition, Connolly’s RED MILLS is dedicated to delivering our premium equine feed to our customers worldwide every day.

Our customers value our global market distribution, with our high-quality horse feed being accessible across the world. As part of our promise of #WhereverYouGoWeGo, we maintain our long-standing relationships with trade partners and authorities across the globe as standard protocol and our assurance that we have the best and most trusted quality feed.

In order to continue growing our reputable brand and providing our customers with the feed of champions, we have sales representatives and stockists located across the globe to ensure a consistent supply of our high-quality equine products around the world. We work closely with our logistics partners who understand the nature of our product range, and share the same dedication and control measures for delivering our trusted horse feed to stockists and stables worldwide.


Our Global Market Distribution


Connolly’s RED MILLS products are extensively available on an international scale. Our feeds are available in Ireland and the rest of Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and Asia, with dedicated distributors available to ensure our expert horse feed and nutrition solutions are readily available to you and your horse.

80 Countries

Committed to maintaining our long-standing partnerships with international trade authorities and industry partners


Our relationships with key trade partners and open-door visit policy for inspections welcome to authorities at our plant and around the globe ensure our renowned equine feed undergoes the best manufacturing and control checks, from our farm to your stable. Our 24-hour open-door policy with all Department of Agriculture checks—ranging from seed agronomics analysis, farm inspections, laboratory visits and manufacturing audits right through to logistics—form part of our everyday commitment to providing only the best products.