As nutritional partners to the LGCT our teams have been working with the riders and grooms to ensure all the nutritional needs of the horses are looked after. Together with our supplement partner Foran Equine we offer the ultimate nutritional package.

We put the horse at the centre of everything we do.

Action is underway here at the Longines Global Champions Tour, New York, with today’s feature LGCT NEW YORK Grand Prix getting underway at 10.00pm CET.

There are over 150 horses onsite having traveled from all over the US and Europe to compete here. The European horses flew from Belgium, landing in Newburg airport on Friday and then making their final journey to New York, taking the ferry on to Governor’s Island where they completed 42 hours of quarantine.

All our feed products are made at our mill in Goresbridge, ensuring that we can deliver a consistent supply of high-performance horse feed all over the world. This is important and gives riders and their grooms the peace of mind that the feed they are using is the same, safe, quality product no matter no matter where in the world they are competing.

The are a lot of logistics involved in getting the products to these amazing venues. Our team works hard to ensure all the correct procedures are followed, making sure the right products arrive in the right destinations at the right time.

Our equine Nutritionist Nia O’Malley has been here since Saturday working with the LGCT team to ensure all the feed and supplements were ready for the horses when they arrived. Nia is onsite throughout the show to offer nutritional support.

All RED MILLS products are formulated to support the health and well-being of these amazing equine athletes but when asked to travel all these miles and jump in hot competitive environments supplementation can play an important role in sustaining performance. Working with Foran Equine our supplement partner, our expert team delivers a precision nutrition approach for our customers, tailoring diets to meet the needs of individual horses.

Feed and Supplement Facts

  • 350 bags of feed = over 7,500kgs of feed
  • The feed travels almost 8,000kms from Ireland to New York by road and sea
  • Feed was manufactured at the home of RED MILLS is Goresbridge, Kilkenny
  • Connecticut to by Road to our feed dealer in New York, Bennies Feed Barn – 160kms
  • Bennies Feed Barn to Staten Island and Staten Island to Governors Island
  • 10 products, combination of pellets and mixes, offering a choice of energy levels and formulations to meet the individuals needs of the horse
  • Foran Equine supplements travelled over 5,000km by road and air


Scott Brash, “I want the best for my horses.”