Jan, 2022
The new and improved website for Connolly’s RED MILLS is officially live!

The RED MILLS team is committed to ensuring that you as our valued customers continue to enjoy a seamless experience when purchasing our precision nutrition equine feed, supplement and care ranges, all the while being able to reach out to our expert nutritional team for professional advice on boosting your horse’s performance and well-being.

Get to know what you can expect from our all-new website redesign below and how we’ve made it easier for you to navigate our digital platform.

Locating RED MILLS Products Near You

Sourcing RED MILLS equine feeds has never been easier. Simply navigate to the Where to Buy section on the main navigation bar or scroll to the designated section on the Home page. Here is where you can locate a RED MILLS stockist near you, view which stores are in your area, locate an online retailer, or navigate to the RED MILLS e-store. Alternatively, our sales team is available to answer any questions you may have on how to acquire our expert equine feeds.


Precision Nutrition Equine Feeds

Connolly’s RED MILLS adopts what we call our Precision Nutrition strategy to produce our winning formula and high-performance feeds. Our strategy has been specifically designed by the RED MILLS technical team and comprises a 5-stage process. Our newly redesigned website has a convenient search bar on the main navigation bar that makes it easy for visitors to browse for a specific equine feed, or relevant information about RED MILLS-related content.

Our Sister Brands

Connolly’s RED MILLS acquired the renowned Foran Equine and Carr & Day & Martin brands to further diversify our comprehensive equine product range. Foran Equine supplements can now be easily accessed via our website by navigating to the Supplements section. Similarly, the Carr & Day & Martin equine care range can be accessed by visiting the Horse Care section under Products.


Expert Advice From Our Nutritional Team

Visiting our website is not only a gateway to all your favourite RED MILLS products, but also a portal to the most highly sought-after advice from our expert nutritional team. Our Nutritional Hub is where you can find all the most up-to-date information on caring for your horse and helping to boost its performance. Get to know our nutritional team and access the reputable knowledge contained in the nutritional articles and videos, personally curated by our nutritional experts. Whether you are a jockey travelling abroad with your horse and need the best tips on feeding while travelling, or if you manage a stud farm and are looking for a second opinion on your horses, our expert articles and videos are great sources of information.

Registering as a Stockist

Besides catering to horses and customers, the RED MILLS team also looks out for our valued stockists that make acquiring RED MILLS products a breeze! If you are a RED MILLS stockist and would like to be listed on our website to ensure customers can easily find your store, simply register as a stockist by filling out the contact form on the website. Alternatively, you can become a stockist if you have not yet done so by contacting us today. Visit our website to get started.

If there is anything that cannot be found in our Nutritional Hub, simply contact our experts via the designated section under the Nutritional Hub drop-down menu and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.

Other Points Worth Mentioning

Our official new website is also a gateway to everything you need to know regarding Connolly’s RED MILLS. From discovering the history of RED MILLS and the Connolly family to how the first-ever equine feed came to be and what our latest innovations are, the newly redesigned website contains a wealth of updated information.

Placing the horse at the centre of everything we do is our motto, with the success of our customers being equally as vital. You can discover a host of testimonials from everyday horse breeders to the most esteemed RED MILLS ambassadors.

You can also stay up to date with the latest news regarding RED MILLS products and information by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on our social media channels. Simply visit the Join Our Email Community section on the website. What’s more, our Media Hub is where you can visit our blogs, videos and news articles for regular updates that make sure you don’t miss a beat.

In Conclusion

The all-new Connolly’s RED MILLS website has been designed to ensure our customers’ user experience remains a seamless one. From a handy search bar on the main navigation bar to a variety of easy-to-find shortcuts such as the Where to Buy button, finding your way around our newly redesigned digital platform has never been more convenient.

Discover our website today and feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have. We value your input and use it to constantly improve our products and services. Happy searching!