Aug, 2023
1 week to go to the Dublin Horse Show

With the countdown to the Dublin Horse Show well and truly underway, we recently caught up with Ciara Mullen who tells us all about the string of horses she has for this year’s horse show. Ciara is no stranger to success at Dublin, where last year she went riding horse champion with her own Chantilly on the Rocks. Ciara discusses each horses feeding programme and the differences she has seen on them


We have used to RED MILLS Horse Care ULTRA Cubes alongside Karon Oil for Joy as it has the low starch and added hindgut care which we are conscious of during the busy season keeping everything happy inside & out! She’s come on so much without any added energy and we are thrilled with how she is looking ahead of the RDS.



For Tina she was the first we tried on the Define & Shine and Wow, what a difference! It massively improved her topline and improved her depth without having to feed an excessive amount of hard feed. We used the Foran Muscle Prep alongside it to help build her up correctly ensuring she is fit not fat! 


Kate has been the biggest challenge, she has required low starch, low energy but enough protein to help her grow and mature to fill her frame.  

She started on Define & Shine, Ultra Cubes & Muscle Prep. This was the perfect combination as it gave her enough protein to support muscle growth but was low in starch so non heating & great for her stomach and hindgut as she was a worrier in the beginning. She’s now moved onto the Horse Care 14 Mix as her workload has increased and it’s been the perfect combination for her. 


We have also used the Foran Equine Copper Max to improve coat health with fantastic results and have always got a bottle of Foran Equine Nutri-Calm in the feed room for when required. 

Without the combination of Foran Equine and Connolly’s RED MILLS our horses would not be able to perform or look as well as they do. We truly believe a red rosette starts from within and without these products we would struggle! 

Oh and we wouldn’t survive a show day without a bottle of  Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat!😂