Feb, 2024
Connolly’s RED MILLS, Foran Equine, and Carr & Day & Martin Named Preferred Brands for Renowned Equestrian Coach Ilan Ferder

Wellington, Florida, 23rd February

Internationally acclaimed equestrian coach and horse trader Ilan Ferder and his esteemed team proudly announce their partnership with leading brands Connolly’s RED MILLS, Foran Equine, and Carr & Day & Martin. Recognized for their firm commitment to excellence in feed, supplements, and care products, these brands stand at the forefront of equestrian care and performance.

With a proud reputation built upon years of dedication to the equestrian community, Ilan Ferder and his team have selected Connolly’s RED MILLS for their premium feed solutions, Foran Equine for their cutting-edge supplements, and Carr & Day & Martin for their meticulous care products. The decision underscores Ferder’s unwavering commitment to the optimal health, performance, and well-being of his equine athletes.


“We are thrilled to align ourselves with Connolly’s RED MILLS, Foran Equine, and Carr & Day & Martin,” said Ilan Ferder. “Their dedication to quality and innovation perfectly complements our mission to nurture the highest standards of equine care and performance.”


Marion Cremer, Connolly’s RED MILLS Equine Group lead in the USA, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to work with Ilan and his team. At Connolly’s RED MILLS, our focus extends beyond providing the best products – we are committed to delivering exceptional service and nutritional support to our customers and their equine partners.”


Connolly’s RED MILLS, Foran Equine, and Carr & Day & Martin are recognized globally for their steadfast commitment to equine nutrition and care. Through this partnership, Ilan Ferder and his team are poised to continue their legacy of excellence in equestrian sports, setting new standards of performance and well-being for horses worldwide.