Louise Jones

Nutritional Expert at Connolly’s Red Mills

Qualification: BSc, MSc, R.Nutr
Area of Expertise: UK Head of Equine
Market: United Kingdom

In 1999, Louise qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science, during which she specialised in breeding science and went on to graduate with an MSc in Equine Science in 2000. She is also one of only a handful of registered equine nutritionists in the UK.

Having completed her Masters degree, Louise worked for Dodson & Horrell for over a decade. She has an extensive understanding of stud, clinical and performance horse nutrition, and has worked with trainers and breeders in the UK, Continental Europe, and the Middle East.

Louise’s main area of interest is how optimal nutrition can influence the equine athlete throughout their life. She knows that the practical application of nutritional science can influence both the health and performance of the horse, and is excited about working with our clients to ensure they get the very best from their horses.

“Connolly’s RED MILLS puts the horse at the centre of everything they do, and as a nutritionist, this is key. Whether it’s selecting the best quality of raw materials, the testing undertaken at our on-site laboratory, investment in scientific research or the ongoing support we offer our clients, the attention to detail, passion and experience that RED MILLS and Foran Equine have is unrivalled.”

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