Why do RED MILLS use advanced cooking technology?

Connolly’s RED MILLS have developed some of the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes in the world, which include:

  • Steam Cooking
  • Double Pelleting
  • Extrusion

The unique combination of these three manufacturing processes is known as Advanced Cooking Technology.

RED MILLS feeds are carefully cooked to achieve maximum digestibility and to sure that all nutrients are made readily available to the horse during digestion.


RED MILLS steam cook the cereals for an hour, before they are:

  • Cooled
  • Rolled
  • Dried


  • Each pellet is made using a blend of quality whole grains
  • The grains are ground and cooked at 80°C
  • Connolly’s RED MILLS cubes are pelleted twice, using two pellet mills, one on top of the other
  • Once pelleted the product is then reground and pelleted for a second time, creating a highly nutritious and dust free nut


  • Connolly’s RED MILLS use soya beans for their complimentary amino acid profile and oils
  • The soya is ground and then extruded, a process of cooking with pressure and moist heat
  • Extrusion improve the quality and digestibility of the soya by removing trypsin inhibitor, an anti-nutritional factor that is naturally found in soya beans.