How can nutrition help your youngstock shine in sales ring?

The aim of yearling sales preparation is to produce an athletic, well-mannered, sound individual in good body condition that will shine in the sales ring. Nutrition plays a vital role in preparing yearlings for the sales ring.


The Dream.

The dream for many breeders is that this yearling will remain sound and continue on to become a successful racehorse on the track, thus significantly improving the value of all subsequent related stock.

What role does nutrition play?

Nutrition plays an important role in preparing yearlings for the sales ring, helping to ensure they achieve their maximum potential and will affect skeletal and muscle development, coat condition and temperament. Find out more about feeding for:

Or check out our Practical Guide to Sales Prep:

What our customers say.

In addition to our product range we have an expert team of industry professionals and nutritionists who work alongside our customers to maximize their return.

RED MILLS Nutritional Services

  • Forage testing
  • Soil analysis
  • Diet plans
  • Foran Equine – Equine Supplements and Healthcare

Knowing the full picture allows our team to understand thoroughly the needs of our customers and apply our Precision Nutrition strategy, putting the horse at the centre of everything we do.

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