Best way to know how much a scoop of your feed holds is to weigh it!

To weigh your feed you can buy a spring balance or use a kitchen scales.  Put a scoop of your feed into a plastic bag and place it on the spring balance or the scales and weigh it accurately.  As a rule, a scoop of cubes will weigh more than a similar scoop of mix.


Do you know how much your feed weighs?

On average a round Stubbs scoop of cubes will weigh approximately 2.0kg whereas a scoop of mix will weigh approximately 1.5kg.  These weights are only guidelines and will vary with the type of feed and whether you provide a level or heaped scoop.  Weighing your scoop of feed is advisable in order to follow the manufacturer’s feeding guidelines correctly.


It is important to weigh your balancer!

Balancers are very versatile feed that have been specifically formulated to be fed at low intake. Balancers provide a low calorie, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins and minerals, some also contain additional beneficial ingredients such as yeast and prebiotics.

Because of the concentrated nature and low feeding rate, a balancer can meet all the protein, vitamin, and mineral needs of the horse without adding excessive calories or starch to the diet.

Due to the low feeding rates of balancers it is important to weigh out how much your balancer cup holds.

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