Do you want to add extra calories to your horse’s diet, but don’t want them to become overly excitable or fizzy? Not sure where to start? The expert nutritionists are on-hand to help.

Adding oil to your horse’s ration is a simple way of providing extra calories.  However, adding large amounts of liquid oil can be unpalatable and can potentially upset the delicate microflora in the horse’s gut, causing loose droppings. In addition, when feeding significant quantities of oil in the diet, extra vitamin E will be required. To overcome these issues Connolly’s RED MILLS have developed Define & Shine. 


Define & Shine is an extruded, highly palatable, low starch, calorie rich pellet with added vitamin E. It has been expertly formulated to provide a significant amount of slow-release calories, without adding much to the overall feed volume. As it is low in starch Define & Shine is suitable for horses prone to EGUS, tying up or individuals that need to gain weight but are prone to, or suffering from, laminitis or Cushing’s disease. But it’s not just about the calories. Unlike other high calorie dietary supplements, which are often based on ingredients that contain high levels of inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids (e.g., palm oil or rice bran), Define & Shine is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids from full fat linseed. The known health benefits of supplementing omega-3 fatty acids in the diet are numerous and include better immune function, joint health, lung health and coat condition. 


Define & Shine is also rich in essential amino acids including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Conversely, neither rice bran nor copra-meal based products, have a particularly impressive essential amino acid profile.  Almost every structure in your horse’s body is built from amino acids including bone, hoof, hair and muscle.  If you want your horse to look great and perform to their highest potential, then the amino acid content of their diet plays a vital role. So, if your horse needs extra calories without fizz or you want to improve their topline, Define & Shine is the perfect solution.