RED MILLS stud range formulation trusted by breeders worldwide

From conception to the sales ring or racetrack, correct nutrition plays a vital part in enabling the horse to achieve their maximum potential. Connolly’s RED MILLS work with leading breeders, consignors and trainers across the globe and understand what it takes to succeed.

Our stud feeds are recognised as the best feed for broodmares, stallions & foals, supporting fertility, mare’s milk and colostrum production, balanced growth and skeletal development, and foetal development from conception to the winning post.

Last year that translated into feeding over 100 Grade 1 winners across the Globe.

What our Customers say

PJ Dreeling, Assistant Manager, National Stud. “We have been delighted to be working with Connolly’s RED MILLS. They have offered great advice on feeding programmes for the stock. The horses are in great condition and they offer a quick & accurate delivery service”

Best stud feed for broodmares informed by science

Research “Did you know that over 60% of total foetal growth occurs during the last trimester”

  • Inclusion of key vitamins & minerals for optimal fertility.
  • Nutritionally balanced to support milk & colostrum production.
  • Research informs our formulations for each stage of the broodmare’s pregnancy & lactation.
  • Stud range & balancer choices are available for optimal nutritional balance.
  • Balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals & protein to support her & her growing foetus’s development.
  • Easy to follow feed ration advice on our bags to meet the varying demands during gestation & beyond.
  • RED MILLS experts available to advise best feed & feeding programme.

Proven stud range to support stallion fertility & optimal condition

Research “Stallion fertility can be boosted with inclusion of Vitamin E, Selenium & Omega 3 oils in their diet”

  • Stud range includes key vitamins & minerals for optimal fertility.
  • Variety of feed options to support any challenging body condition issues.
  • Feed options to support stallion temperament & gastric health.
  • RED MILLS nutritionists can advise on additional supplements to further boost fertility & performance success.
  • RED MILLS experts available to advise best feed & feeding programme.

Why is RED MILLS so good for growing foals & youngstock?

Research“Foals continue to grow rapidy after weaning, according to NRC, a thoroughbred foal gains 0.8kg daily”

  • Our stud range & foal pellets contain the right vitamins and minerals to support optimised skeletal & muscular development.
  • Foal Pellets and Foal & Yearling Cooked Mix are high in protein for youngstock’s topline & development.
  • Formulated to support correct growth & body condition trajectory.
  • Wide range of feed options that work to complement forage quality & availability.
  • RED MILLS experts available to advise on best feed & feeding programme during this critical growth period.
What our Customers say
Malachy Ryan, Manager at Moyglare Stud.

“The Connolly’s RED MILLS stud range has everything we need to support the health & well-being of our mares and youngstock, and we know we have the support of the expert team, if and when we need”

What our Customers say
Andrea Etter, Belmont House Stud

“We started using RED MILLS about 10 years ago for all our horses here at Belmont Horse Stud, including our broodmares, stallions, youngstock, and competition horses as it caters for all our needs. We use the Care Range as it caters to all our needs, our horses love it, and it keeps them looking and feeling great. We have always been delighted with the quality of both the products and customer service”

Our track record with the biggest breeders is our best endorsement

We value loyal breeders & trainers across the world who believe in us through the decades 

Key Takeaways:

  • Our stud range was formulated and advanced in consultation with the biggest breeders in the business over the decades.
  • Investing in a premium stud range formulated through science pays off with higher fertility success, condition & well-being.
  •  Set your foal up for life with premium feed for optimal growth from conception right through to youngstock maximising your chances of breeding a new superstar and minimising any development disorders & issues.
  •  Your mare will have a successful breeding journey that continues each year.