Insights from Mike Etherington-Smith, the mastermind behind the cross-country courses at the Sydney Olympic Games. He offers a riveting behind-the-scenes look into the monumental task of transforming a neglected piece of land, riddled with challenges, into a world-class equestrian venue.

We also hear from Andrew Hoy, who recounts his experience at his home Olympics in Sydney, winning team gold and individual silver in his 5th Olympics. He reflects on how the Sydney Games compared to his other Olympic experiences and what it was like riding in 2 separate competitions for the team and individual medals.

If you haven’t already check out part 1 featuring:

Jean Mitchell shares her journey and the evolution of eventing. Her insights as a member of the Ground Jury provide a unique perspective on the Sydney Games’ success in capturing the spirit of the Olympics.

Kate Green brings to life the electric atmosphere of Sydney, painting a vivid picture of a nation where sport is revered, and the Olympics are a pinnacle of achievement. Her recounting of the logistical challenges and the triumphs of reporting in the early days of the Internet adds a layer of authenticity and nostalgia to our understanding of the 2000 Games.