GroCare Balancer

A nutrient rich balancer, specifically formulated for broodmares, stallions and youngstock, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care package.

  • icon Low Starch
  • icon Cereal-Grain Free
  • icon Fertility
  • icon Growth
  • icon Skeletal Development
Ideal For
  • Providing a low starch, cereal grain free specialist feed
  • As a sole feed for horses on a forage only diet
  • Topping up a low concentrate diet
  • Horses and youngstock requiring an elevated nutrient intake
  • Providing a calorie controlled diet e.g. overtopped youngstock
  • Youngstock at risk of developmental orthopaedic disorders
  • Barren mares and broodmares after weaning
  • Feeding during stressful periods
  • Horses prone to laminitis, insulin resistance or EMS
Specially formulated to support
  • Fertility
  • Colostrum quality and milk production
  • Skeletal development, bone strength and integrity
  • Lean muscle mass and topline
  • Gastric and hindgut function
  • Fibre digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Coat condition and shine
  • Immune function
  • Hoof condition and quality
RED MILLS Formulation Features
  • RED MILLS Care package
  • Market leading formulation
  • Rich in essential micronutrients
  • Non-heating very low starch formulation
  • Cereal grain-free
  • Source of quality protein and amino acids

Feeding Guides


Feeding guidelines are listed per 100 kg of bodyweight.
If fed alongside a complete feed, adjust the amount of balancer accordingly.


by Horse Weight

Workload Per 100 kg Body weight
Light Work 100 g
Moderate Work 150 g
Hard Work 200 g

by Horse Weight

Life stage Per 100 kg Body weight
Pregnant Mare 0 - 6 months / Stallion Light Work 125 g
Pregnant Mare 6+ months/Stallion Moderate Work 150 g
Lactating Mare/Stallion Hard Work 200 g

by Horse Weight

Life stage Per 100 kg Body weight
Foal 0 - 6 months 225 g
Weanling 6 - 12 months 250 g
Yearling 12+ months 250 g


Soya Bean Meal, Soya Bean Extruded, Sunflower Seed Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Mono-dicalcium Phosphate, (Sugar) Cane Molasses, (Sugar) Beet Pulp, Maerl 2.5%, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Mannan‭-/‬Fructo-oligosaccharides 1%‭‬, Sodium Chloride, L-Lysine‭

Analytical Constituents

  • Crude Protein
  • Crude Fibre
  • Crude Oils & Fats
  • Crude Ash
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Digestible Energy
    11.8 MJ/kg
  • Starch


  • Vitamin A
    60000 iu
  • Vitamin D3
    10000 iu
  • Vitamin E
    1500 mg
  • Vitamin C
    200 mg
  • Vitamin K3
    17.6 mg
  • Biotin
    15 mg

Trace Elements

  • Iron
    600 mg
  • Iodine
    6 mg
  • Copper
    195 mg*
  • Manganese
    325 mg*
  • Zinc
    600 mg*
  • Selenium
    2.0 mg*
  • *A proportion of this value is provided by a chelated source.
    Zootechnical Additives
  • Digestibility Enhancers
    4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NCYC Sc 47 2x10^10 cfu/kg
We have been delighted to be working with Connolly’s RED MILLS. They have offered great advice in creating feeding programs for the stock. The horses are in great condition, and they offer a quick and accurate delivery service.

We have used RED MILLS GroCare Balancer at Ringfort Stud for many years. It provides a balanced nutritional feed for foals and mares. It is reassuring to know we raise sound horses with it and thankfully we have had great success, in the sales ring and on the track.

I cannot recommend the team at Red Mills enough for the quality service and sound advice they have provided. From the first consultation to being able to order feed directly to my local feed merchant (rather than driving 120km round trip every 2 weeks!) and most importantly the great condition that my horses are in despite living in one of the toughest areas of the west coast has been a godsend for me and the horses.

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