Consider the needs of the mare when choosing what to feed

In pregnant mares, up to 60% of fetal growth occurs during the last 3 months of gestation.  Correct nutrition will influence milk production and quality, recovery from parturition, as well as the mare’s ability to conceive.

Demand for protein, calcium, phosphorus, and trace elements is elevated significantly at this stage of pregnancy. Connolly’s Red Mills Stud Cubes or Mix, when fed at the recommended rate, will provide an ideal ration for your broodmare in late gestation. Access to ad lib good quality forage and fresh clean water is crucial.  However, in the last month of pregnancy, it’s common for the mare’s appetite and feed intake to reduce, and forage intake can be significantly reduced.

During this stage of pregnancy the mare’s hard feed should be divided into several small meals in order to ensure that she continues to receive optimal nutrition.  If you find that the mare’s appetite for hard feed is reduced, then the inclusion of Connolly’s Red Mills GROCARE balancer to the diet is recommended as a source of additional micronutrients.  If your mare requires a lower starch feed option to a traditional Stud Cube then Connolly’s Red Mills Horse Care 14 Cubes or Mix is an excellent alternative.

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