Why is RED MILLS Comfort Mash for horses the best choice this winter?

Traditionally, in the winter, horses were fed bran as a tasty and warming hot mash. While wheat bran mash is a good source of fibre it can work against the balance of the diet due to its poor calcium to phosphorus ratio and lack of key vitamins and minerals.

So, if you would like to feed a mash to your horse, we recommend feeding one that has been specifically formulated to be nutritionally balanced such as Connolly’s RED MILLS Comfort Mash.

Comfort Mash: Best product for winter feeding challenges

Specially formulated to support:

  • Appetite
  • Balanced nutrient intake
  • Hydration
  • Gut mobility

Formulation Features:

  • Quick-soaking, ready-to-use mash
  • High in oil, including linseed oil
  • High in digestible fibres, including alfalfa chaff
  • Palatable blend of wholegrain cereals
  • Steam cooked cereals
  • Source of quality protein & amino acids
  • RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and minerals package

Ideal for:

  • Stimulating appetite
  • Mares post-foaling
  • Horse travelling & competing regularly
  • Supporting hydration & gut mobility

Comfort Mash is a palatable, quick-soaking, high fibre mash for horses and provides a wide range of nutritional benefits including:

  • Appetite stimulation: During the winter, some horses can back off their feed but a tasty, warm mash will tempt even the fussiest horse. Comfort Mash contains a blend of wholegrain cereals, super fibres and peas, plus added B-vitamins, to help stimulate and maintain your horse’s appetite. It can also be an ideal way to disguise any supplements or medicines your horse needs.
  • Encourages water intake. During the winter the diet tends to become drier as grass is often replaced with hay or haylage. In addition, horses tend to find cold water less appealing and may consume less in the wintertime, resulting in reduced water intake which increases the risk of impaction colic. By feeding Comfort Mash you will help to improve your horse’s fluid intake.
  • Easy to chew: Horses that have previously suffered an episode of choke may need a soft, easy to swallow feed. Comfort Mash is ideal in these situations as, when soaked, it provides a soft textured, easy to chew ‘porridge’.
  • Supports the immune system: Comfort Mash is fully balanced with our Pro Vitamin and Mineral package, including the added antioxidants vitamin E and selenium, to help support immune function, which can be particularly challenged during winter months
  • Supports digestive function: Comfort Mash includes cereals that have been steamed cooked to help maximise digestive efficiency. It also contains a number of ‘super fibres’ including soya hulls and chopped alfalfa. These highly digestible fibre sources help to support digestive health and they also go a long way to supporting body temperature during the colder winter months as heat is generated when they are fermented in the hindgut.
  • Aids condition: Comfort Mash is high in oil, including linseed oil, for extra condition and shine. It also contains quality protein to support muscle development, as well as key vitamins and minerals to help promote a healthy, glossy coat.

Comfort Mash is easy to prepare; simply mix one-part water (cold or hot), with one-part Comfort Mash, leave to soak for 15 minutes, then stir and feed.  Unlike a traditional bran mash for horses, Comfort Mash is nutritionally balanced so can be fed as either the sole hard feed or to replace part of your horse’s normal ration daily.  For more information see here.


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