Dec, 2021
Bertram and Harry visit RED MILLS

RED MILLS riders Bertram and Harry Allen visited the home of Connolly’s RED MILLS a few weeks ago along with their brother Ruben, sister April and good friend Mazi Lil, where RED MILLS CEO Gareth Connolly’s showed them around the manufacturing facilities in Goresbridge and Purcellsinch.  

Both Bertram and Harry haven been in super form of late, with Bertram and the 8-year-old gelding, Classified, proving unbeatable in the 1m50 Prix des Communes Genevoises in Geneva, Switzerland last week, while Harry has been racking up some serious placing including 2nd in the 5* 1m55 Oslo with Carlo and 2nd in the 4* Grand Prix in Saint Lo, France with Guinness. 

Bertram Allen and Classified winning at CHI Geneva 2021

Since their last visit to RED MILLS HQ in Kilkenny there have been a lot of changes, including the expansion of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Purcellsinch, where all the Foran Equine and Carr & Day & Martin products are now being made as well as the vitamin and mineral premixes that are used in the RED MILLS horse feeds.  

RED MILLS Ambassador Bertram Allen; “It’s been a few years since my last visit to RED MILLS and it’s amazing how much has changed since then, we saw the new equipment in the lab, the new packing lines and the new facility in Purcellsinch where the Foran Equine supplements and the feed premixes are made. We’ve always fed RED MILLS and its great to get the chance to see exactly what goes into making the feed. The attention to detail is amazing, nothing is left to chance, it’s very impressive.” 

The tour started at the RED MILLS Store where they got to see the new Horse Care products, Horse Care 10 & 14 Mix and the Horse Care ULTRA. 

RED MILLS Ambassador Harry Allen said, “This was my first time to visit the RED MILLS Store and it was great to see it and all the new products. We have always been big fans of the Horse Care range and it is great to have even more flexibility with the new mixes and the super-low Starch Horse Care ULTRA. We travel so much with the horses, so the consistency and the quality of their diets is so important. To have all our feed, supplement and grooming products coming from the one source gives me and our team one less thing to worry about; we know we have the support of the RED MILLS group.” 

Connolly’s RED MILLS have further extended our expertise over the years with our sister brands, Foran Equine Supplements and Carr & Day & Martin horse care.  

RED MILLS acquired Carr & Day & Martin in March 2020 and along with the feed and supplements, distribute the extensive product range globally.  

RED MILLS Ambassador Bertram Allen said, “Turnout and grooming is so important, and we take great pride in how our horses look and our team do an unbelievable job. Its great that Carr & Day & Martin are now part of the RED MILLS family, we grew up using the products and are looking forward to stocking up.” 

The tour then moved across the road to the Purcellsinch Industrial Park where Gareth showed them around the facilities, including the clean rooms, and warehousing where the Foran Equine and Carr & Day & Martin products are distributed around the world.  

The RED MILLS group sets itself apart within the industry by offering our high-quality horse feed along with supplement and care solutions, all under one powerhouse, putting your horse at the centre of everything we do.  

Foran Equine products are available in over 40 countries worldwide and with over 60 equine healthcare products in our range.  

Harry Allen said, “It’s been really interesting getting to know the Foran Equine supplement range over the year and how it can impact the wellbeing and performance of our horses. It allows us to tailor the diet of each horse specific to their needs and travelling and show schedule. Having that precision nutrition approach to our horses’ diets has been a real game changer.” 

As daylight began to slip away, we drove back to Goresbridge where Gareth began by introducing the guys to our team in the laboratory which is headed up by Sophie Cunningham 

At RED MILLS we are committed to ensuring your horse receives the safest and highest quality feed and nutrition solutions 

All of the raw materials and ingredients we utilise go through a strict safety and quality control process from the moment they enter our mills to the packaging stage and beyond. 

Our laboratories boast the latest innovations to test for naturally occurring prohibited substances while ensuring all quality and safety standards are met. Our investment in science and technology has placed us at the forefront of the industry, with our quality control and testing procedures enabling us to deliver the highest quality equine feed and nutrition solutions to our customers worldwide. 


Bertram said, “It’s incredibly reassuring to see the level of testing here in the lab. The peace of mind it gives us, knowing the feeds are test so rigorously is priceless. We’re competing at the highest level and compliance is critical.”  

From the sourcing of raw materials to our advanced cooking and progest premix technology, the RED MILLS team pays careful attention to detail when overseeing every step in our manufacturing and production processes to ensure the most optimal equine health and nutrition solutions are delivered to our customers and their horses.  

We apply our advanced technology and manufacturing expertise to our optimal grain-drying, advanced cooking, and quality control processes to deliver our renowned precision nutrition promise across all feeds. 

We have solidified our position within the equine industry through the expansion of our trusted and large-scale distribution network that ensures our reputable products are made accessible to you on an international scale. 

Harry said, I was so interested in the sheer scale of the RED MILLS manufacturing facility, everything from the lab, the seed plant and the grain drying, manufacturing, packaging, and the warehousing, it was a lot to take in. Having grown up with a farming background I know how important the quality of the raw ingredients is. To see how its all put together to create the feeds we feed our horses was fascinating.” 

We were joined on the tour by Lorraine Fradl, Senior Equine Nutritionist for RED MILLS and Foran Equine, “It was great to have Bertram and Harry visit and for them to get the tour of all the facilities, we take great pride in showcasing what we do and the feedback we get can be very interesting. Our nutritional services are a huge part of what we do, our customers greatly value our multi-discipline nutritional team, with their extensive knowledge of nutrition stemming from the choice of feed and supplement, ultimately maximising the performance and well-being of the horse.” 

April Allen said, “We have been working with the Connolly’s RED MILLS and Foran Equine team for a long time now and have really benefited from the guidance and the advice from the team on everything from diet plans for the yard, to tailored solutions for problem horses, basically anything we need in relation to the horses’ nutritional needs. The horses continue to thrive and perform consistently at the top-level. Their expert team, quality products and global availability combined make them the ultimate nutritional partner.”