Sudden changes in diet can predispose a horse to digestive disturbances or feed refusal. This applies when changing the diet from one feed to another and/or increasing the quantity of feed being offered and/or when adding other feedstuffs to the existing diet such as, bran, cereals (eg oats), chaff, beet pulp, feed balancers, etc.

How to introduce a new feed into my horses diet?

  • Always introduce all dietary changes gradually to avoid possible digestive disturbances occurring. Ideally over a 3-4 day period
  • When changing from one feed to another, if possible during the 3-4 day period, the two feeds should be fed together, gradually increasing the amount of the new feed per day and gradually reducing the amount of the old feed per day
  • When feeding horses it is always more beneficial to feed little and often ie feeding a number of small meals per day rather than 2 or 3 large meals per day. This is especially true when introducing a change to the diet and/or introducing a new feedstuff