We’ve teamed up with Dee from Dynamic Sports Performance to bring you a Rider Performance Challenge, to help you become fitter and stronger in the saddle. No matter which discipline, rider strength and conditioning play a huge part in performance.

Combining both her human and equine knowledge, Dee specialises in soft tissue therapy and performance for both the horse and rider. She works with some of the best horses, riders and trainers in the world. Dee’s understanding of the sport and what is required of both horse and rider at the highest of levels enables her to aid optimal athletic performance for both individual athletes and together as a combination. You can find out more about Dee and her work here.

These videos demonstrate how to do all the exercises for the fitness challenge.


About Dee

Dee So’oialo (nee Holdsworth) is trained to the highest of standards and is one of only 20 in the UK to specialize in fascial manipulation. In addition to providing rider and equine soft tissue therapy, Dynamic Sport Performance provide bespoke programmes for riders once Dee has identified their strengths and weaknesses. Biomechanics sessions enables the team to look at both the horse and rider together to optimise performance. Find out more at www.dynamicsportsperformance.co.uk

With thanks to Jo Hansford Photography for the imagery